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Custom built home in Crystal Lake, IL


Keith’s respect for great design sets V2 apart from the competitors. He understands that what makes a custom built home amazing is the little things, the nearly-intangible result of each tiny design decision made throughout the process. It’s about that feeling that you get when you see your ideas come to life. Keith is genuinely passionate about great home design, and works every day in a thousand small ways to ensure your home lives up to your vision.


"Communication, planning, and execution... So much of a project's success depends upon these three tenets. We do it right the first time, by design, and when that happens, the process becomes fun and rewarding for everyone involved.”

- Keith DuShane.

custom built porch in one o our homes
Front view of custom built home in mchenry county

Our promise

We work side by side with you, your architects and designers from the first napkin sketch to the final completion. Our process has been developed to ensure that your dreams and aspirations for the perfect home will be feasible, sustainable and within your budget.

Our Mission

To build homes and relationships of lasting value, and to appreciate the unique values of every project and client.

Our Experience

Keith has been in the homebuilding business for over 30 years, creating over 350 homes in his career. He has a passion for building unique and challenging projects, no matter how big or small, and has the creativeness and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

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